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2014: What a year!

2014…  Huge.  Massive.  Life changing.  Full of adventure.  Loved it!


Here are just some of the things I got up to last year…

1d7131966e7e75e150838524844a3960 Left my job of nearly 9 years.  It was a roller-coaster of a place to be and most of my loved ones know I yo-yo-ed my way through it at the end.  It was definitely time for a change so I took a leap and off I went. I can’t begin to explain how glad I am that I did.  Sometimes you just need to take a chance on a new beginning.

190_365_2014 Sunset over the City WR

Lived in PRAGUE for nearly 6 months.  What an amazing city.  Beautiful buildings, stunning sights, days by the river, a new (extremely difficult) language which I didn’t quite get the hang of… (dobre den – good day, prosim – please, pivo – beer, jablko – apple…)  I’ve got a list of amazing things to do when you visit and another of all the things I still want to do.  I can’t wait to go back again.   Hopefully we’ll see the other half of the year, I hear the festive season in Prague is even more incredible!

Traveled in Europe a little bit more and spent time in various places in the Czech Republic, Bavaria, Budapest, Paris and Amsterdam.

2014-11-06 00.41.10

I became a small business owner!  It’s crazy but true.  I am now self-employed and chasing my dreams.  Scary stuff but such an amazing change in my life.  I’m loving the challenge and earning so much.  The past 6 months since I officially launched the business have been a FB Logo 2014whirlwind and I’ve been so lucky to have so many caring and talented people in my life who have been helping me along the way.  It’s early days yet but I’ve got big hopes for the future.

2014-07-26 17.39.51I was home in time to see the 2014 Commonwealth Games come to Glasgow and see my city come alive.  It was INCREDIBLE.  The atmosphere, the response of the city.  We certainly showed Glasgow in a great light and we could not be prouder of our
friendly city with it’s own special charm.  We made it to squash, badminton, the men’s 2014-08-03 13.58.56cycling road race, An Audience with Sir Chris Hoy and Tonight at the Games. I was lucky and got last minute tickets to the gymnastics. The carnival atmosphere along the clydeside was infectious and I spent days at BBCatTheQuay, walking along the river and a George Square.  We even made it on to the telly with our #commonwelfie…

2014-10-15 10.28.56

6dbc367c2331fcbf60ab2286d5d8a433I’ve realised my Mum was right… two of the best pieces of advice she ever gave me are “Just remember to breathe” and “Invest in what’s important to you.”  The latter is ringing especially true as I’ve gone through some big changes over the last 12 months. Some people have been with me every step of the way and others have seemingly drifted.  In the past, I would have chased after those drifters but I’m learning to spend time and energy on those who need it and appreciate it.  It can be exhausting making all the effort to keep a relationship alive. That’s not to say the other people haven’t been a big part of my life and won’t continue to be in their own way, it’s just that I now know how best to spend my time without getting worn down by folk who just see things differently.  The best and real friendships are the balanced ones.  I’m striving for more balance in my life.

Ready to RunI ran 30k last year in races and fun runs and did a whole load of training.  Safe to say it was the most I’ve run ever.  I’m now hooked and I’ve challenged myself to run even more in 2015. I’ll be looking up races soon. Maybe 50k all in?  Here’s hoping!

I photographed red kites and red squirrels, talked to many people about wildlife conservation and reintroductions through debates, talks and workshops. I also wrote articles for The GIST, Wolf Park’s Newsletter and assisted Pacific Wild with their educational workshops.  I love this change in my lifestyle which allows me to focus more on what I believe is important.  I’d lost myself a little in the last few years by becoming swamped with work but now I’m feeling more like me again as I remember the differences I want to make.

I did a lot of things in 2014.  A lot of things I’d been meaning to do for a very long time.  I’m glad I finally got there and have become someone who is brave even though I’m often terrified, someone who takes a chance and goes for it instead of wondering “what if”.  It’s an exciting time in my life and one thing is for certain…


Thanks for being a part of it. xx


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