Stand Tall and Stop Apologising

I’m forever apologising. I once did a tally and found I’d used the word “sorry” over thirty times in one day. That’s more than two apologies for every waking hour. That’s a lot of time spent feeling unsure and as though I am in the wrong.

My other half often responds with “you don’t have to be sorry for that!”. He’s usually surprised that I’m apologising and so he should be. Being sorry for being wrong is fine, saying it out loud to the relevant people is great but when you say sorry as much as I sometimes do , it’s almost like you’re apologising for your existence and that’s just ridiculous.


It’s a lot to do with confidence and feeling self-assured.  I can swing from feeling like I can take on the world to worrying about everything I’ve said and done in an instant. 


So, here I am, learning to be more confident and trust in my ability. Part of that is to stop apologising for everything I do and stand that little bit taller. x


2 thoughts on “Stand Tall and Stop Apologising

  1. I love this post. Thank you for writing it! I know exactly what you mean It amazes me sometimes how we get anything worthy done in this life. I too wake up and depending on my mood feel as assertive as anything, ready to tackle the world, smile in the face of diversity and solider on. And then equally feel vulnerable and daft dismissing fantastic ideas and feel silly for thinking of them. All I can say is I favour the first feeling and that whenever I feel the second I should take solace in the fact that i’ll be bouncing back one day soon!
    Hope its made you feel better that it’s not just you.
    Keep going!

    1. Thanks Lucy! You too! It’s about having the courage and belief in yourself and remembering those times to help boost you back. I’m definitely going to be more careful about using the word sorry! x

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