Starter for 10…

Today I kicked off my first day of training for the Women’s Bupa 10K in May.  It was painful.  I am not a runner.  Swimmer?  Yes.  Hula Hooper? Yep. Yoga-er? Indeedy (albeit beginner).  Runner??? I wish!

I like the idea of being a runner.  I like the idea of being a svelte shape gliding effortlessly along the roadside but when I run I feel like my knees are made of glass and that someone has squeezed my lungs so tight I can only breathe with the tiny bit of tube left in my throat…

In reality, I’m far too clumsy to be a decent runner and while I do it, while I feel like my lungs are a raging inferno (ok, I’m being dramatic but still, I’m like a fire breathing dragon during a run… honestly…), I sometimes catch myself thinking “I can’t do this!”…

And then I think of this guy… 


“Can’t” wasn’t a word he tended to subscribe to.  He was more of a “just get on with it” kind of guy.  Whatever was thrown his way was dealt with by his “it is what it is, Piso Mojado” mantra and while I’m out pseudo-running, I remember his stories of an eventful life and I smile, avoid the wet floors and keep on going.  It’s only 10K after all.

So here’s where you all come in.  I’m running this 10K in memory of Todd to support Diabetes UK.  You can donate to the cause (every little helps) by going to this website and adding in your tuppence.

Thanks for your support!

In the meanwhile, I’m going to get on with my training, keep calm and Todd On… !  xx

Batman symbol with Todd-head face drawn on it.
Todd-Head Batman

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