Last Dance in the Light – Farewell to Scotland’s Biggest IMAX

IMAX web reseize

For years Glasgow has been the home to Scotland’s biggest cinema screen which was “larger than a 5-a-side football pitch with images so real and clear you may get the sensation of motion”.  I tripped over many an IMAX speech while working in there a few years ago but more importantly, I got to be one of the millions of visitors over the years who were blown away by the experience.   The incredible screen and awesome sound made it an absolute must for any action blockbuster.  It was there for Harry Potters, the Hobbit, the Transformers and Star Trek films, and of course, the Batman Trilogy.  The first film I saw in there was Jane Goodall’s Wild Chimpanzeesthe last was Man of Steel.

Sadly, full film projection IMAX cinemas have grown too expensive to run and IMAX, like many other companies, have turned to digital and other multiplexes are taking over the purpose built sites.  At the moment, our IMAX is an empty shell as they take out the old system and put in the new one.  Our projectionists have been reassigned and it’s a time of change for many.

As a final farewell to their beloved job and role, the projection team put together this beautiful film about what was the best cinema experience in Scotland.

Last Dance in the Light


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