Holiday Whist – Belgium 2013

For the past few years, Ewan and I have passed hours of travelling on trains, waiting for flights and queueing for tickets with simple card games… probably games everyone plays but by a different name.  I love family card games.  It took me until I was in my early 20s to realise that “Georgie’s Game” was actually Gin Rummy.  My Mum taught us to play it and she and her siblings had named after my Aunt who had a flair for always winning it.

Our current holiday game is something he calls “Whist”… I’m sure it’s more commonly known as “Hearts” but he assures me that it’s “Whist” and Whist is what we play.  Every year we play best of 3, which inevitably turns in to best of 5,  7 and so on.  This year, during our long weekend in Belgium for the Formula 1 GP,  I suffered a particularly horrific loss of 28 -17 and Ewan won’t let me forget it.  (yep, we managed to play 45 games of it! nope, we weren’t playing non-stop…) He seems to have conveniently forgotten my winning streak in Rome last year  and as I’ve no record of the score, I’ve no way of rejogging that dodgy memory of his.

So here it is… the first “official” record of our ongoing Whist tournament… Ewan 1, Me 0… for now…

Holiday Whist


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