Crazy Collie


Nine times out of ten, when someone asks me how my dog is, I’ll reply “she’s crazy”.  And the truth of it is, she is a little crazy… a highly strung border collie who lives in the city and has had a collection of experiences which make her live life on an edge – either completely loving it or terrified of it.  Her default setting is to be scared and reactive and with that comes a world stress for us both.  There are so many things in my life that are more difficult, more stressful and more expensive because she is in it.

But, there are two sides to every story and despite all the craziness, my daft dog does a number of amazing things that I know other dog owners wish their dog could do.  She’s by no means the worst dog I’ve ever come across but sometimes, amongst all the stress of negotiating through our everyday life together, I forget to be thankful for all the amazing things she is… so here’s a wee list of the best things about Abby… and some may surprise you… 

Sitting Duck

  • She loves a cuddle from her favourite humans… and since a puppy, whenever I lie on my back on the floor, she promptly lies beside me on her back too and nestles in. It’s very cute!
  • She’s great on the lead and only really pulls if there’s something really, really interesting to smell just out of reach.
  • She comes back when called pretty much 100% of the time unless there’s a dog worrying her and I know how much of a struggle that is for some
  • She learns commands quickly and can reliably do the following:
    • sit
    • down
    • stay
    • roll over
    • paw
    • two paws
    • other paw
    • back-up
    • get the toy
    • swap the toy
    • tidy (put the toy in the box)
    • get the toy out the box
    • get the pig (which is a toy!)
    • get the ball
    • get the duck
    • off
    • play dead
    • up (on to a table/bench etc)
    • paws up (on a surface)
    • go to bed
    • sit on the mat
    • go to the toilet
    • have a drink
    • catch
    • fetch
    • wave
    • bring
    • find
    • jump
    • over
    • go in the car

…and tonnes more!  

  • She is toilet trained… another simple thing to be very happy about!  So many dogs are not!
  • She loves travelling in the car and can pretty much go anywhere in it
  • When she’s really excited, her tail goes full circle like a helicopter.
  • She has a classic collie smile… and uses it often
  • Her current favourite toy is a raggedy fox which she throws about for herself and chases after for at least ten minutes a day
  • Her all time favourite toy is any kind of frisbee… nothing beats a frisbee!
  • She has recently discovered a love of water, despite being a little unsure each time, she always pushes through whatever she’s unsure of and gets in… no matter how cold it is!
  • She loves my other half to pieces
  • She dances and leaps with joy when we come home
  • She plays non-stop and would play (and has played) endlessly for hours
  • Prawn crackers are one of her favourite treats
  • She tells me when it’s time for bed and genuinely wants me to go at a set time each night (whines and runs to the bedroom, comes back, whines again and repeats until I go… if I’m really staying up late there may be a huffy sounding grumble as she plonks herself down beside me until I go)
  • She is likely in a lot of pain, and while we work to get her comfortable enough to be handled by a Vet for them to diagnose it, she battles through every day
  • She sleeps beside our bed until the lights are out, waits awhile and then leaves to go to her crate in the spare room
  • She manages to sneak in to the smallest spaces and loves to hide there
  • She lies outside the bathroom when I go for my morning shower
  • She is one of the most devoted friends I’ve ever had

So, my lovely lady, I may call you crazy… but I say it with love in my heart.  You’ve taught me so much… thanks for being you… xx
Watching her watch the world 


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