Beautiful Baby Sister

(C) Joanne Foo 2012. All rights reserved

There are few lovelier things in my life than my wee sister… and then there’s my wee sister and her baby bump… 🙂  

I couldn’t be prouder or more excited about being an Auntie!  And as First Auntie (first = oldest by a factor of more than 3), I also had the pleasure of planning and surprising her with a baby shower…  

Now, I’m a fairly organised and accomplished planner but with a congregation of ladies to entertain, I had a task on my hands.  Thankfully I had the help of two super keen grandmothers-to-be, a few eager uncles and granddads-to-be, daddy-to-be and an excitable Auntie-Hannah-to-be.  This team of people managed to pull off a rather successful  surprise party… and we defined successful as having a pleasantly surprised mum-to-be with no signs of an early arrival from my neicephew…

So here’s the part where I reveal our secrets.  I love Pinterest and all it has to offer so it only seems fair that I do my bit and share what worked in an effort to inspire anyone else who might be looking for ideas…

A tea party theme was decided early on and the begging, borrowing and charity shop hunting began.  I can’t cook or bake for the life of me so Team Grandmother set about making lovely things to eat like mini cakes, sandwiches and shortbreads.  Gorgeous tea sets – Check!  Catering – Check!  Fancy Theme – Check! 

After that, we needed a cake… or 20!  And thanks to a childhood friend and her incredible baking skills, we got exactly what we wanted… a custom made Noah’s Ark and cupcake tower.  If you’re in Scotland… check out KimmyCakesUK for some amazing creations. 

(c) Joanne Foo 2012. All rights reserved                                                          

Next up… entertainment… aahh the wonder of Pinterest meant I wasn’t short for ideas…  so here’s a list of fun things which kept the guests entertained and the pressure off of mum-to-be so she could mingle as she pleased or have a cuppa and put her feet up.

The (C) Joanne Foo 2012. All rights reservedQUIZ!  Full of silly questions about the parents to be, sorting the top ten boys and girls names from the past year, attempting to identify mysterious baby foods and trying to match the baby photo of the other guests to the right adult versions.  Everything was scattered around the room and we left the guests to it as they pleased. 

(C) Joanne Foo 2012.  All rights reserved

 We set out a Survival Tips Jar so everyone could leave their own wee gems and well wishes.  It now sits on the window ledge in the nursery and hopefully provides a source of comfort or at the very least amusement for the new parents during any upcoming sleepless nights.  

(C) Joanne Foo 2012. All rights reserved

Next up, the slightly creepy but hilarious Babyface… fun photos of the parents cut in to strips… guests make their own versions of what the baby will look like… Not much else to say really!

(C) Joanne Foo 2012. All rights reserved

You can’t have a baby shower without having a Birthweight, Birthdate and Gender Sweep… plus, it’s a fun way to see who has a theory about whether the low bump is a boy or the cravings mean it’s a girl… we’ve all heard them!  Let’s see if they’re right!  It’s so easy to do
and the money can either go to the baby’s first bank account or the closest guess wins the lot!  Well, it’s easy if everyone remembers to pay…

Our creative bunch loved Design a Baby-Grow, so much so that we had to double up and add designs to the back of them.  Some interesting fashion faux pas/ hilarious baby photos to embarrass them on their 18th in the making…

(c) Joanne Foo 2012.  All rights reserved

(c) Joanne Foo 2012.  All rights reserved                         (c) Joanne Foo 2012. All rights reserved                         (c) Joanne Foo 2012. All rights reserved

Pin the Dummy and Dress the Dolly Race are oldies but good for a laugh and something light hearted to keep folk entertained.  It’s amazing how many folk will try to cheat at pin the dummy on the baby, regardless of their age!

                                                                 (c) Joanne Foo 2012. All rights reserved     (c) Joanne Foo 2012. All rights reserved

At the end of the day, my sister had a lovely time and felt truly spoiled and blessed by everyone who helped out and turned up to celebrate her soon-to-be first born.  I’m so glad we all had the chance to get together and share this moment with her.  

That indeed, is a very lovely thing. xx



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